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Activity Groups

Friendship Beyond the Golf Course

How much fun do our members have together? You’ll find out when you join one of our outdoor activity groups!  More the indoorsy type? We have wine tastings, game or paint nights, & music performances too!  Awbrey Glen members truly become friends on and off the golf course through a wide variety of group events. 

Awbrey Glen believes lifelong friendships are best built over laughter and fun.  We have a little something for everyone, whether you love to adventure in the great outdoors or prefer a casual gathering in the clubhouse. Join us, you’ll fit right in!

Biking (Mountain and Road)

These groups preselect and publish a set of rides to enjoy during the warmer months. You’ll know the length and difficulty of the ride before you go. We meet in the Awbrey Glen parking lot and carpool to the trailhead or parking area of the ride.


Enjoy a friendly walk with your fellow Awbrey Glen hikers. As with the bikers, we publish a schedule of hikes with distance and elevation change to help you select the right trip.

Water Activities

Spring and summer are ideal times to enjoy the lakes and rivers around us. We select a set of beautiful, easy-to-paddle destinations to enjoy on a regular basis. Everyone meets in the Awbrey Glen parking lot and caravans to the site to enjoy an outing of canoeing, kayaking, or stand up paddleboarding.


“Informality” best describes this fun fishing group. Members range from knowledgeable and experienced “experts” to novices. We have monthly luncheon meetings to exchange information about places to fish locally, appropriate equipment and flies, organize trips, and brag about who caught the biggest fish.

Winter Sports

Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and alpine skiing are all great ways to enjoy winter in Central Oregon. We have groups you can join for any of these activities, whether you’re experienced or beginner.

Wine Education

The Wine Education Group at Awbrey Glen brings wine enthusiasts together to discover, share and learn about wine. Come explore new wines, participate in wine/food pairings and, of course, make new friends.

Indoor Games

Awbrey Glen has groups that play Social Bridge, Mahjong, Scrabble, and various card games in the clubhouse on a regular basis.  We really are your living room away from home!

Friendly Gatherings

Is there an activity you’d love to share with new friends?  We encourage our members to organize friendship building activities, such as a bi-monthly group of Awbrey Glen musicians who get together to play for and with one another.  These gatherings foster friendships that often extend beyond the club and encourage a variety of activities throughout the year.

*A Note About COVID 19: Some Indoor Activities are currently on hold in an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19.  We look forward to resuming these fun activities when it is safe to once again gather indoors.